Developing, Training and deploying a diverse workforce for Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy

2 weeks

Teams deployed within two weeks of initial briefing

D&I Policy Compliant

Teams augmented in line with Diversity & Inclusion Policy, creating a balanced workforce
of team members identify as Female
of team members identify as BAME


The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) identified that there were key skills gaps within their delivery plan for the soon-to-be procured cloud-based system (PMRV) and National Kyoto Protocol Registry IT System. Coupled with the implementation of these new IT systems, BEIS also identified a lack of required support within the Policy, Communications and Stakeholder Engagement workstreams across several teams (Digital & Development, Industrial Energy and Industrial Strategy).

With the traditional approach of using contractors being costly, and recruitment of permanent staff with the required skills challenging due to salary expectations within the bands available, Albany Beck had the opportunity to create a cost effective, time efficient and sustainable solution through their Employed Consultant Model, the Pioneer Programme.


Skills Deployed

Digital Business Analysis

Testing and Automation



Content Design

Policy Advisory

Briefing Coordination

Project Management Office

Stakeholder Engagement & Communication


Through a competitive tender process via the CCS Digital Marketplace, Albany Beck were successfully appointed as the chosen supplier to provide support through their Pioneer Programme, and in turn, the use of Albany Beck Practitioners (senior consultants).

By deploying Practitioners, BEIS were able to successfully address the need for key expertise and skills that were required immediately. This, alongside the Pioneer Programme, provided a longer term and cost-effective solution to develop in-house capability, ensure knowledge retention through the option of transitioning consultants to full time Civil Servants at the end of the engagement – free of charge – and in line with the relevant salary bands.

Pioneers were deployed into both BEIS’ Project management and Policy teams, all of whom had a bespoke and on-going training plan to ensure their skills and effectiveness from day one and thereafter.

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Right to hire, free of charge

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Bespoke individual training plan and CPD

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Developing a robust succession plan

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Retained knowledge and intellectual property

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Successfully building In-house capability

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Transparent, controlled cost model

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Geographically flexible

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Ease of Procurement

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